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car accident
January 23rd, 2023 /  Commercial Law  / 0 comment
Property Damage

The team at Etemi Law prides itself at aggressive personal injury representation. Did you know that Etemi Law also provides assistance with the handling of your property damage claim? Often, the insurance company will seek to minimize the damage to your vehicle or reduce the valuation of your car or truck. Our team is trained and experienced in maximizing your recovery, including seeking the following:

  • Maximum value of your vehicle by providing proven research about comparable market data;
  • Extending your rental (while the insurance company wishes only to limit the time you can use a rental)
  • Obtaining “Loss of Use” money for the time you were without a car or rental;
  • Obtaining the maximum value for the rental (sometimes, insurance companies try to give you the rental value of a Ford Escort while your more valuable luxury vehicle sits in the shop);
  • Getting you consequential damages for the stress and anxiety of having to deal with the damage to your vehicle.

Let a Waterbury personal injury lawyer handle your case and help you get the results you deserve. With a dedicated attorney’s assistance, you could turn your life around. Get in touch with a legal representative today to discuss your options.

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