Case Results

$ 24.5

Judgment against drunk driver in wrongful death case.

$ 5,000,000

Wrongful Death Judgment involving pedestrian hit by a reckless driver.

$ 1,600,000
Tractor Trailer Accident
$ 1,200,000

Motor vehicle collision award from Arbitration

$ 1,100,000

Motor vehicle collision involving neck and back injuries

$ 600,000

Motor vehicle crash involving spinal injury

$ 600,000

Auto v. Auto Accident

$ 500,000

Case involving automobile collision resulting in serious bodily injuries.

$ 475,000

Dog Bite injuries

$ 375,000

Wrist Injury from Motor Vehicle Collision

$ 325,000

Motor vehicle collision with highly disputed liability

$ 300,000

Low velocity soft tissue settlement

$ 285,000

Leg Injury following head-on car crash

$ 250,000

Settlement involving motor vehicle collision involving neck injury.

$ 225,000

Settlement involving leg injury.

$ 195,000

Settlement involving minor property damage rear end collision resulting in neck injury.

$ 155,000

Mediated Settlement in case involving complex claims of injury.

$ 100,000

Policy limit settlement for nose injury from airbag deployment.

$ 100,000

Case involving automobile collision resulting in soft tissue injury to the neck and back.

$ 100,000

Hand Injury caused during automobile crash

$ 100,000

Settlement in connection with hit-and-run rear end collision caught on camera. The case involved soft-tissue injuries.

$ 100,000

Settlement in connection with rear-end collision resulting in whiplash injury.

$ 100,000

Settlement involving rear end motor vehicle collision resulting in hand injury.

$ 75,000

Case involving motor vehicle collision resulting in bulging discs in lower back.

Taking Legal Action

After a Serious Injury

Personal injury lawsuits are civil claims that allow a person to pursue financial compensation from the individual responsible for causing an accident. A person could file a legal claim for damages if they suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or intentional misconduct.

Regardless of how an injury occurred, a dedicated Waterbury lawyer could investigate the accident and pinpoint the exact cause. A legal representative could also obtain evidence and relevant information to identify the responsible parties and hold them accountable through a personal injury claim.

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