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Attorney Lou Etemi is a fighter! He fights for everything his clients deserve.

- Bert M.
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The communication was beyond excellent.

- Fitim R
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Ron Etemi is a guiding light for our family.

- Hanna H.
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These guys are the best in CT.

- Joe M.
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Great attorneys, down to earth.

- Smirna P​.
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Lou is simply the best!

- Carrie A
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Ron is the best.

- Kayla T
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A fantastic duo.

- Carlos S
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There is no law firm better then Etemi Law.

- Allison P
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You will not find representation better than Ron and Lou.

- Eren P
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The Etemi brothers are the real deal.

- Jonathan Z
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A law firm that will give you results and treat you like family.

- Scott S
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They communicated with me through the entire process . . . They are amazing at what they do!

- Emel A
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I highly recommend Etemi Law!

- Shipe M
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Two of the most aggressive attorneys I have ever met.

- Cait H
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Best in the business. They treat you like family and get results!

- Ashley R
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Ron and Lou are absolutely amazing at what they do.

- Lana H
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Etemi Law was phenomenal since the first day we called them for help and delivered great results.

- Nigjar M
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Ron and Lou’s negotiation and litigation skills are unmatched, and they are highly respected amongst their peers and the community at large.

- Tila L
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Thank you to Lou and his team for all their help in a time of need. I highly recommend his services.

- Stella L
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I highly recommend Etemi Law! They know the law inside and out and won’t just settle until their clients are provided with what they deserve.

- Christina R
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Ron handled my personal injury case from beginning to conclusion. From my personal experience, Ron is by far one of the best injury lawyers in Connecticut.

- Michael L
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I strongly recommend Etemi Law. Ron and Lou are the best in Connecticut. Thank you, Ron and Lou, for everything that you did for my case.

- Joseph M
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Etemi Law is exceptional. Attorney Ron and Lou Etemi represented me in a very difficult accident case. We won! Etemi Law delivered.

- Mev L
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Hiring Attorney Etemi was life changing. He put my best interests at the forefront, working tirelessly to ensure that I was treated fairly and always informed. Ron was everything you want an attorney to be, and nothing that you don’t. He was thorough, insightful, methodical, informed, collaborative, and deeply passionate about my case. I do — and have — recommend(ed) Ron Etemi and Etemi Law without reservation.

- Bridget C
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Ron and Lou are terrific attorneys and care a great deal about their clients.  I strongly recommend them for car accidents and other personal injury matters.

- John K
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Communication, always answering phone calls, always there for any questions no matter what, Etemi Law exceeded my expectations!!

- Largs A
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Etemi Law has professional experience and serious work ethic I would highly recommend in selecting a lawyer.

- Hanna H
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The customer service was phenomenal and was able to answer all my questions and concerns!

- Keke L
Taking Legal Action

After a Serious Injury

Personal injury lawsuits are civil claims that allow a person to pursue financial compensation from the individual responsible for causing an accident. A person could file a legal claim for damages if they suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or intentional misconduct.

Regardless of how an injury occurred, a dedicated Waterbury lawyer could investigate the accident and pinpoint the exact cause. A legal representative could also obtain evidence and relevant information to identify the responsible parties and hold them accountable through a personal injury claim.

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