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Etemi Law is an established Waterbury personal injury law firm helping clients piece together their lives following a devastating accident. Our law firm has deep experience with all sorts of accidents, including auto accidents, truck accidents, workplace accidents, and animal attacks. You can count on us to fully analyze your accident to determine whether you have tangible legal rights to sue.

Call our Waterbury personal injury lawyers if you were injured in a car accident or other wreck. A Waterbury personal injury attorney can provide expert guidance on your legal rights, including the right to file an insurance claim and a personal injury claim against whoever hurt you. If you reach out, our Waterbury personal injury lawyer can arrange a free initial consultation to go over the facts of your personal injury case in greater detail.


Why You Should Choose Etemi Law to Handle Your Personal Injury Case

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Our Waterbury law firm combines a passionate vision for justice with a detailed understanding of personal injury law and personal injury cases. A personal injury lawyer at Etemi Law can immediately help any personal injury victim struggling with physical pain and emotional distress get through their personal injury case to:

  • Gather evidence of the accident to support your personal injury claim. To recover compensation, you need to prove fault against the at fault party, and our personal injury attorneys know how to collect the best evidence to shed light on what happened.

  • Provide peace of mind. Our Waterbury personal injury attorneys will take responsibility for all communications for you. Insurance companies bury injury victims with forms and requests for medical records. Our Waterbury personal injury attorney will act as a gatekeeper, screening out insurance adjusters who want to hassle you. This allows our clients to focus on healing, and not on medical bills and medical expenses.

  • Analyze legal fault and possible compensation for your personal injury claims. You should know the strength of your claim and how much your injuries are worth before trying to negotiate a settlement. We provide objective legal analysis.

  • Negotiate a settlement with the defendant or their insurer. More than 90% of our cases settle outside of court for fair compensation! Effective negotiation to recover compensation in a personal injury lawsuit from an experienced personal injury attorney is definitely an art.

  • Litigate in court to vindicate your rights. The defendant who hurt you should pay compensation. Sometimes we need to involve the justice system when negotiations hit a wall. Etemi Law will file a lawsuit and litigate your claim.

Interested in finding out more? Call us and file a personal injury lawsuit with a Waterbury personal injury lawyer about your case and recover financial compensation for your personal injuries.


Our Waterbury, CT Personal Injury Practice Handling Personal Injury Cases

Our experienced personal injury attorneys in Waterbury, CT can help with legal services to people victimized by any of the following accidents:

Car Accidents

Haven personal injury attorney working on a car accident case in Waterbury

Waterbury, CT sees thousands of car accidents each year, ranging from fender benders, T-bones, to rollovers. Helpfully, Connecticut law requires mandatory liability insurance, which pays compensation to serious injury victims. A personal injury lawyer at Etemi Law can gather evidence to reconstruct what happened and assign fault. We also excel at assisting victims injured by drunk drivers, distracted drivers, and hit and run motorists.



Catastrophic Injury

man in a wheelchair after suffering a severe injury

Some injuries heal within a month, but catastrophic and severe injuries typically leave our clients with permanent impairments. We seek compensation for anyone who suffered limb loss, blindness, severe burns, brain damage, organ failure, paralysis, and other serious injuries.

Catastrophic personal injuries raise unique legal issues. For example, our Waterbury attorneys can usually seek compensation for expected future medical care and loss of earning capacity, as well as future pain and suffering, but we need to lock down compelling evidence to prove these expected future losses.


Defective Products

Haven personal injury lawyers assist in defective products like this scooter

Each year, hundreds of products are recalled because they are dangerous and cause injuries. Connecticut makes manufacturers and others liable when they put hazardous products in the stream of commerce. We have brought lawsuits for those injured in a workplace accident due to a defective product, as well as those injured in their homes.




Dog Bites & Attacks

dog biting a man's hand due to someone else's negligence

Dogs send dozens of people to the emergency room each year. A dog’s sharp teeth can damage nerves and soft tissue like muscles. Many victims also come down with a serious, life-threatening infection. Connecticut law provides an avenue for receiving compensation when a dog attacks you, so call Etemi Law in Waterbury, CT today.




Medical Malpractice

an EKG heart monitor

Medical professionals like doctors, nurses, dentists, and psychologists must use professional skill when treating patients. Unfortunately, many fail to follow the accepted standard of care—and patients suffer from medical malpractice. At Etemi Law, we can help anyone injured by a medical error, including prescription medication mistakes, diagnostic errors, surgical errors, and hospital-acquired infections. We have also sued hospitals for malpractice.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle on the road after an accident

Tearing down the road on a bike is a great hobby. But too many motorcyclists are seriously injured when negligent drivers cut them off or clip them. Etemi Law’s personal injury lawyers in Waterbury, CT can file an insurance claim on your behalf. We have also sued for accidents caused by road defects or defective parts on a motorcycle. These serious motorcycle accident cases are challenging because many insurers automatically blame bikers for accidents which are not their fault.

elderly woman being abused by a nurse at a nursing home.

Nursing Home Abuse


Vulnerable people rely on around-the-clock skilled nursing care. Unfortunately, some nursing homes have a secret—abusive staff and residents. Etemi Law can investigate why a loved one in a nursing home suffered a fracture or bruise, or whether they are psychologically terrorized. Abuse can take many forms: physical, emotional, sexual, and financial. An injury lawyer at Etemi Law in Waterbury, CT can begin to peel back the layers of secrecy in nursing homes to uncover whether a loved one was abused. We can then hold the nursing home accountable.




Pedestrian Accident

little girl crossing the street on a scooter

Dangerous drivers also imperil the health and safety of pedestrians. Many of our clients are struck when motorists run a red light, make an illegal turn, or try to scoot by. Pedestrian accidents in Waterbury, CT cause serious injuries, but our firm will fight to get you compensation to cover medical bills and pain.



Slip and Fall

man slipping on the sidewalk in New Haven

Slip and falls are a common Waterbury premises liability accident when a hazard causes someone to lose their balance. Our clients often suffer from concussions, neck injuries, and back injuries and have to spend excessive time in physical therapy. The key issue is whether the property owner used sufficient care while maintaining their property. If they created a hazard, or knew of one and did nothing, then you might sue and pursue compensation for modified comparative negligence. We will seek a fair settlement for clients’ fall accidents.



Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain scans following a brain injury

Brain injuries are among the most serious injuries accident victims suffer. Because the brain is involved in everything, a serious accident victim could suffer paralysis, mood disturbances, speech impediments, and memory loss. We can help anyone suffering a traumatic brain injury build up and file a personal injury claim for compensation.



Truck Accident

trial lawyers in New Haven evaluate a truck accident

Etemi Law can assist anyone hurt in a truck accident and deal with the insurance company. These large vehicles massively damage smaller vehicles in collisions, and occupants bear the brunt of the injuries. Truck accidents are more complex than the typical auto accident, with more evidence available to sue and more possible defendants. The trucking or insurance company will put on a powerful defense—you need legal representation, too.




Wrongful Death

a person putting a rose on a coffin

In Connecticut, surviving family members can sometimes file wrongful death claims after losing a loved one in an accident. Under the law, the estate’s executor or administrator files the lawsuit in court. Compensation covers pain your loved one consciously endured, as well fatal injuries as well as a surviving spouse’s loss of consortium. Contact Etemi Law for a review of whether you can bring a wrongful death case.


How Much Compensation Can You Receive from a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Accidents change lives. Many personal injury victims will struggle powerfully in the weeks and months that follow, unable to return to work and begin earning money again leading to lost wages. A personal injury claim is a great way to obtain the compensation you need and hold the negligent defendant accountable.

Our firm can review your ability to request compensation for:

  • Past and future medical expenses. Our law firm can seek money for past care like surgery, ambulance transportation, x-rays and other diagnostic tests, and medication needed after a car accident or other incident. We can also seek money for future medical care, which is often required when someone suffers a catastrophic injury.
  • Lost income and loss of earning capacity. Bodily pain prevents many people from working. You should receive compensation for any loss of income. If you suffer with a disability, you might not be able to return to your old job ever again, in which case we seek loss of earning capacity damages.
  • Property damage. A collision could wreck your car or motorcycle. You should receive money to fix or replace all damaged property.
  • Pain and suffering. Etemi Law also seeks fair compensation to make up for your physical pain and emotional distress. Someone suffering scarring, disfigurement, or amputation could qualify for significant compensation. But even more minor injuries cause physical pain and warrant money damages.
  • Loss of consortium. This refers to the loss of the marital relationship. It is most common after the death of a spouse and compensates for a loss of love and affection.


Did You Contribute to Your Injuries?

Like other states, Connecticut realizes that accident victims sometimes are also negligent themselves. Imagine a motorist who was scrolling through text messages while driving and didn’t see a truck coming toward the intersection. The two vehicles collide. In this example, both the trucker and the car driver were careless to varying degrees.

Connecticut’s comparative negligence law identifies the consequences of any contributory or comparative negligence:

  • If you are more at fault than all defendants, you cannot receive any compensation. The law completely bars you from financial recovery.
  • If you are 50% or less at fault, you can receive compensation but in a reduced amount. Your damages are reduced proportionally, so someone 50% at fault will receive only 50% of what they otherwise would.

We allocate fault with the defendant owed the other side during settlement negotiations. Should your case go to trial, a jury will apportion fault between you and the defendant.

The personal injury lawyers at Etemi Law have had great success reducing our clients’ share of liability for an accident. We credit our thorough investigations and full command of all relevant facts. We then build a powerful case to show why you deserve the maximum amount available.


Contact an Injury Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Connecticut has a statute of limitations found at Connecticut General Statutes § 52-584. It states that for personal injury cases, you have a maximum of 2 years to file a lawsuit. The clock typically begins ticking on the day you are injured or when accident attorneys otherwise discover your own personal injury claims. If you go over the deadline, you lose the ability to sue.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to our legal team to meet this deadline. Do not hesitate to reach out to our law firm. We can review when your legal fees and claim accrued and file a lawsuit under the deadline to protect your rights.


3 Personal Injury Myths

Many people call us up and share information they found online about personal injury law. Sadly, much of this information is inaccurate. As an established law firm, we feel an obligation to share accurate information with the public. To that end, we explode some of the most common personal injury attorney myths:

  • Myth #1: Personal injury lawyers are expensive. Wrong! You can absolutely afford our services. We will discuss the details of our contingency fee agreement, which allows you to secure our services without any need to pay our fees unless we win your case. There is no risk to calling us.
  • Myth #2: Most injuries are too minor to support a legal claim. Instead of assuming you have no case, call our firm and schedule an appointment. Some relatively “minor” injuries like burns or concussions are worth thousands of dollars. Everything depends on the facts.
  • Myth #3: Anyone can negotiate a settlement without a lawyer’s help. You can certainly try. Connecticut doesn’t require that you hire a lawyer for most personal injury cases. But it certainly helps to secure the services of an experienced injury lawyer because no one else is looking out for your best interests.


Speak with Our Waterbury Personal Injury Lawyer Today!

After a painful accident, the world might feel like it’s spinning out of control. Now is the time to take charge and seek justice. Etemi Law has an impressive track record negotiating settlements for our personal injury clients. We are not afraid to take on some of Connecticut’s biggest companies or insurers, and we make sure your voice is heard in the settlement and legal process throughout.  If you would like to learn more, contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers.

Call us at (203) 680-8080, email, or via our online Free Case Evaluation Form to set up your free consultation today.

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